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To make an appointment:

- Call on 04 22 384 451  

- Email: 

We look forward to seeing you soon and start the healing process with you 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

 Make a difference for your health and make an appointment on 04 22 384 451 or

Please leave a message with your phone number. Text messages and email will also be replied to.



  •  First musculoskeletal consultation- 45 min for $110 ( Item number 500)- pensioners $100

  •  Follow up treatment- 30 min for $80.00​ ( Item number 505)

  • Follow up treatment - 45 min for $110 ( when 2 areas to be treated- Item number 506)- pensioners fee is discounted to $100

  • Complex care- 60 min for $160

- Manual Lymphatic drainage

  • 60 min treatment for $140.00

Payment methods

All patients are required to pay at the time their appointments

Receipts will be provided for claiming purposes to appropriate bodies. Please note that there will be a gap depending on system used. 

- No Bulk billing for EPC referral holder

EPC referrals- Patients attending the clinic under the medicare program are entitled of a rebate of $58.3 per sessions available. Fees are private fees payable on the spot. Claim will be sent to medicare upon receiving payment. Medicare will refund patients $58.3 generally within 24h of their appointments. 

- WC and TAC

The clinic has no capacity to provide services to WC and TAC patients. Patients are encouraged to seek care at another clinic. We apologize for inconvenience.

- Aged care packages

Upon agreement with aged care companies, patients are not required to pay for their sessions at the time of the appointment.


Upon agreement with NDIS case manager, patients are not required to pay for their sessions at the time of the appointment.

- Payment options: Cheque, Cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard

- Clinic has HICAPS claiming facility

- Cancellation policy

4h cancellation notice is required to avoid a $30 administration fee. We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances

however payment should be made before booking another session. 

Patients understand that they are responsible for all fees incurred at the Physiotherapy Office associated with treatments program and agree to pay any and all outstanding balances on their accounts. Patients are aware that there is a cancellation policy in effect at this clinic.

By making an appointment, it is the patients responsibility to attend, as lateness or missed appointments inconvenience everyone. A minimum 4 hours is required, this provides the clinic with an opportunity to offer the appointment to another patient on our waiting list. 

NDIS has its own cancellation policy and a 100% of the full fee will be charge to the appropriate body. We endeavor to assist patients

with reminders and discussing best time to avoid re-occurrence.

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